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Merchandize and Design


Breeze Air Conditioning is well known among the interior design community for Coker's custom designed and fabricated mail boxes, bringing maximum curb appeal to high end homes.
Clients spend anywhere from $200 to $2,000 for a individually created mail box.
Featured in Palm Springs Life and Indian Wells magazines, Coker's mail boxes can be made of stainless steel, polished brass, and anodized aluminum in a rainbow of colors and any size.
Jointly created by the client, architect and Coker, mail box shapes and designs often incorporate the home's materials, reflect its architecture, or be a complimentary artistic yet practical design.
A large 12"x12"x24" deep custom mailbox can hold extra mail for clients who may be out of town for a month or more.  
Coker and his associates' imaginative curbside sculptures are featured in many exclusive desert developments such as PGA West and others.
Breeze also sells and installs free-standing, direct-vent gas and wood burning fireplace units.
With direct vent units, there is no need for chimneys, making these heating systems ideal for both new construction and retrofit fireplaces.
Remote operated fireplaces come complete with mantles and facias in a wide variety of styles with marble, brass and chrome finishing.
These quality heating systems add value to the home, create a welcome gathering place, provide high efficient heating,  adapt to almost any wall location, and operate even during power outages.
All pellet and wood products are clean burning and meet or exceed the air quality standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency, and are tested to assure safe operation and maximum efficiency.

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