Since 1978, the State of California requires every new home, addition or alternation to meet energy efficiency requirements.

Proof of compliance, known as Title 24, must meet new technology standards set every four years for air conditioning efficiency, water heater efficiency, lighting, windows and doors performance, and wall and ceiling insulation values.
Constantly updated in the latest technology, Breeze Air Conditioning is an expert in determining and recommending products and systems that meet and exceed Title 24 requirements.

More than ever, manufacturers are using “green” energy efficient solutions into their product design.

Lennox, a pioneer in the green movement, takes full advantage of advanced technology by incorporating a “solar assisted” condenser into their new line of products.

High-efficiency equipment paired with solar technology provides high performance with cost-saving solutions. This package qualifies for a tax credit under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Breeze offers the Lennox XC21 two stage ultra high-efficiency equipment with SEER rating as high as 20 and above, which reduces power consumption by one half or more when operating on low speeds.