August 19, 2021

The Complete AC Installation Process

Getting a new air conditioning system installed might seem terribly complex when you consider everything involved. However, professional HVAC technicians are highly trained to do this job, and they’ll be able to accomplish it relatively quickly. Of course, you may be interested in what goes on during the AC installation. Initial Review of Your Existing System Once the technicians arrive, they will verify the information with you and review the existing system. This helps them to figure out a course of action and eliminate any unforeseen problems. While one installer is reviewing the system, other team members will lay out floor protection and get out tools. They will also shut off the electrical current to the equipment. Removal of Your Existing Equipment The first thing that the team will do is remove the refrigerant from your old air conditioner. This must be performed by licensed professionals, and it has to be done in accordance with EPA standards. Since they are not allowed to let this refrigerant get out into the atmosphere, they will use a recovery machine with a tank to remove it. Once the refrigerant has been removed, the electrical wiring will be disconnected. After that, the condensate drain...

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