May 11, 2020

A Guide to Fixing Hot Spots in Your Home

For many in Palm Desert, CA, the point of heading indoors is to get away from the outdoor heat. You already know that the summer months hit triple digits. When you head inside, however, you may still experience hot spots. The good news is that there are several ways to get rid of them. Our team at has been helping clients in your area do just that for several years. Here is some information about hot spots and how to overcome them. What Causes Indoor Hot Spots? Hot spots in a home are areas that the cool air cannot reach. In the winter, they are spots that cannot be reached by heated air. Whether it’s summer or winter, these problems may be due to: Poor ventilation High ceilings Duct leaks Room location Poor insulation Your home’s heating, cooling, and ventilation system have three jobs. It heats when it is cold, it cools when it is hot and it must be able to circulate that air to its intended destination. If the ventilation system is not operating well, you are not going to receive the majority of the output. Poor ventilation can be caused by leaks in the ducts if your...

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