July 20, 2019

Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Indoor Air Pollutants

We usually associate air pollution with industrial areas and congested highways. However, pollutants can also be a health concern indoors. Our homes gather irritants and substances from the outside environment as well as various appliances within. The following are three ways you can reduce harmful exposure to indoor air pollutants. 1. Reducing or Eliminating Cigarette Smoke Passive cigarette smoke has been shown to be a health hazard for non-smokers who breathe it in. What you may not realize is that the particles from the cigarette smoke that settle onto the surfaces within your home are equally as troublesome. Children and individuals with respiratory or heart problems can be negatively affected by coming in contact with these particles. The best way to avoid health issues from cigarette smoke is to not have people smoke indoors. If you cannot avoid this, keep your air clean by making sure you replace your air conditioner filters regularly. Also, be sure to clean surfaces, including carpets, as frequently as possible to remove unhealthy cigarette smoke pollutants. 2. Treat All Household Cleaning and Repair Substances With the Proper Care Household detergents, cleaners, adhesives, paint, and varnish often include chemical compounds that we are not meant to...

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