November 17, 2021

Best Way to Heat Your Basement

With cooler weather approaching in the Palm Desert area, you may be searching for ways to heat your basement. With increasing electricity costs, you will want to choose a heating option that is energy efficient. Also, you may want to select a heating system that you can regulate. Make sure to conduct research before you select a heating system. To help you choose the best heating option for your basement, we will review some of the available heating systems in the market. Infrared Space Heaters The electric radiant infrared heater works like the sun, where it produces rays that heat a room. The rays will warm the furniture, basement floor, and home occupants. However, an infrared space heater system does not use the air to produce heat. Instead, it produces a light spectrum, invisible to the eye, that will be absorbed by objects and the human skin. These types of heaters have different levels of output, designs, and different controls. Also, they vary in size and price. Advantages Air quality remains the same Achieve instant heat Silent operation Directional heating of surfaces Disadvantages Can cause fires Fails to keep room warm after you switch it off Excessive use can cause...

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