March 5, 2021

What Are the Most Common Indoor Air Pollutants?

Poor air quality is something you might encounter daily. While you have little control over outdoor pollution, you can take the necessary steps to maintain clean indoor air quality. Environmental pollutants can negatively impact your home’s comfort and health. You can make your home a sanctuary by improving indoor air quality. Here are some common home pollutants that often compromise the quality of air in your home. Carbon Monoxide Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless, and heavy gas. The presence of high levels of this gas in your house is fatal. It would be wise to install carbon monoxide detectors to alert you when your indoor air has high levels of this pollutant. A functional furnace can also help eliminate the heavy and odorless gas if your home lacks sufficient sealing. Tobacco Your indoor air is polluted if someone smokes pipes or cigars. Cigarettes contain chemicals and compounds from tobacco that heavily contaminate indoor air. You can remove these pollutants using deep-media filters or high-quality air filtration. Consider using such methods to purify your indoor air and keep it smoke-free. Pet Dander Pet dander is a common indoor air pollutant in homes with pets. It becomes an issue because its...

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