February 4, 2021

Signs Of Poor Indoor Air Quality

The invisible hazard of poor air quality can negatively affect your comfort and health. It might not be easy to tell when indoor air quality is compromised because air is invisible. Fortunately, you can look out for these signs to know when you have poor indoor air quality so that you can take action to make your home comfortable and avoid health problems. Breathing Stale Air You might start to breathe stuffy or stale air in your house if you run the air conditioner frequently. That is an obvious sign of poor indoor air quality. You might notice this sign because you have not introduced clean and fresh air into the building for some time. It could be due to a faulty air conditioner since the unit is responsible for introducing clean air indoors. Cold Symptoms That Don’t Go Away Poor indoor air quality causes several signs that you might mistake for flu or cold. Some of the signs include sneezing, irritated throat and eyes, dizziness, and nausea. You might not be dealing with a cold if several people in the house experience these symptoms for more than a week. Do the discomfort and signs worsen when you’re indoors as...

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