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    Fast Air Conditioning Repair in Palm Springs

    Breeze Air Conditioning offers fast and reliable AC repair in Palm Springs, CA, area. As a dry region in the Sonoran Desert, local temperatures are blazing hot most of the year. The average high temperature is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit from June to September. When your AC isn’t effectively cooling your home or has completely died on you, give us a call. We have NATE-certified technicians who know how to fix almost any air conditioning problem. Our HVAC company has offered AC repairs since 1980. To offer quality services, we continue to keep up with the evolving industry.

    Signs your AC needs repair:
    • Strange sounds like banging, clanking, scraping or squealing
    • Unpleasant odors
    • Leaks
    • High humidity inside the house
    • Weak airflow

    The Best Air Conditioner Service in Palm Springs

    At Breeze Air Conditioning, we work fast in the Palm Springs area to get ACs running again. Our skilled technicians can handle all types of repairs, from minor to major and for any brand of AC. We’re also flexible with our scheduling since we know how dangerous the desert heat can be.

    Squealing and screeching sounds from the AC usually mean that the belt is going bad or the motor bearings need to be lubricated. You’ll want these problems fixed quickly before they have a chance to get worse. A snapped belt can result in further damage to the system and a blower motor that doesn’t run.

    If you hear a loud banging sound, then you need to turn off the AC and contact us. This sound means something is probably broken or disconnected. Trying to run the unit will only cause more damage. A little condensation around your unit is normal, but pools of water or active leaks aren’t. If it’s a refrigerant leak, we urge you to get it fixed immediately as this could present a hazard. Water leaks are also a sign that your AC isn’t functioning properly. Schedule air conditioning repair before the leak causes water damage to your home.

    Learn More About Symptoms of a Dirty AC Coil

    Air Conditioner Repair in Palm Springs, CA

    We Care About Our Customers

    Breeze Air Conditioning is committed to providing quality work for customers in Palm Springs. We want to fix your AC right the first time, which is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. Our highly trained technicians will show up on time and work diligently to repair your AC.

    You can rely on Breeze Air Conditioning any day of the week for all your air conditioning repairs in Palm Springs. We also offer AC maintenance, cooling installations, and heating repairs. Call us today to learn more!