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“Breeze is the only company i trust for my heating and cooling needs. A longtime customer I can always expect honest estimate for service and repairs.

Joe and staff are courteous, knowledgeable and competitively priced. In an industry where many shops prey on unsuspecting homeowners who are unfamiliar with a/c systems and how they work, greedy shops often bill customers for services and charge for parts that dont exist or arent necessary at all.

The folks at Breeze operate in the best interest of the customer. They advise to serve the needs of their customers, not their own bottom-line.

I refer all my friends & neighbors to Joe and the crew at Breeze for any type of residential A/C service need and repair; they return to me great thanks and share rave reviews for the recommendation. Call Breeze, and you will too!”

– Sychavis F.

“Today I came home around noon to find my compressor had shut down and inside the fan was blowing warm around. (Bummer in Summer) I had seen a couple of people on Nextdoor use Breeze in the last few days so I gave them a call.

An appt was made for a couple of hours later and Oscar, the technician, followed. He immediately saw the problem and having 6 yrs experience in this field, he had it fixed, back up and putting out 53 degree air inside in less time than he thought it would take.

I could not be happier with the way this problem was handled by Breeze. I would recommend them to anyone, and ask for Oscar if I need to contact them again!”

– Alan H.

“The Breeze Air Conditioning company showed up today for a removal and replacement of the complete HVAC at our family home. Besides getting the job done today when temps were above 108 degrees they re-engineered a system-that under served this house and tonight We reap the benefit of their knowledge. Too much more to mention. Thank you Breeze Air Conditioning.

PAR Sales and The Ross Brothers”

– Mark R.

“This company is outstanding. Not only in their field of service but they go above and beyond the call of duty to support the people of the Coachella Valley whether you are a customer or not! I would call Mark at Breeze for all your AC and Heating needs, he is an honest , caring and reliable Manager you can trust! Excellent follow up and genuine concern. A million times….Thank you! From the Jones Family!”

– Samantha J.

“When the temp has been bouncing off 120, Breeze has tried to cover the area and their service people have been working overtime to help maintain systems. They responded to my system shut down in about six hours. This is a second home for me in the desert so I rely on the temp alarm and great service. It was a simple fix for their tech but not for me. Great job Breeze. And Mark has the customer’s back!”

– Mike T.

“We found this company thru Pacific Sales and are so happy with them. First of all they
arrived ahead of the appointment time on several occasions and are knowledgeable, quick and efficient. At one point they had to leave to get another part and actually returned same day and quickly. Hard to find in this desert!!!! We are very happy with them and will use them again.”

– Nancy D.

“Breeze is a reputable company that does the job while maintaining a great price point. Their Fabricators are true artists who can work with most metals. It is a one stop store for any HVAC need you may have. Highly recommended!”

– Christopher B.

“If you are looking for unusual sized vents (to replace the old overpainted ones), they have them!! Also, prompt honest service for roof located air conditioning units, which made my tenants super happy in the 100 degree plus heat!”

– Susie V.

“Breeze A/C is a great company – a client of ours went to another company and got an estimate for almost $13,000 to replace his system, and was told that it had to be done right away to save the roof or something like that.. I was suspicious, so I called Joe Jr. and asked him to give the client a call and see if somebody else was blowing smoke. Well, the client went with Breeze, only needed minimal work (not $13,000 of work in the least bit!), and because of how Breeze handled our client, he ended up buying his grill and components from us – said he was happy to have an honest referral and was pleased with Breeze. When we refer, we put our name on the line, as well. And with Breeze, we have no problems doing so. The other company? Generally, I won’t say… Generally…. (wink, wink) 🙂 – Leland Berliner, Owner, All Valley BBQ, Spa & Fireplace”

– Leland B.

“Breeze was very professional and reasonably priced. Tina was very helpful on the phone and the manager took the time to find out the closing time of the Lennox warehouse to make sure I would get the part I need. Abraham was punctual, professional, and got the job done quick.”

– Leland B.

“Great service and attention to detail. We called about our Ductless AC units. They sent out Ely and he was super professional. After looking at the system he determined the company that did the initial install, failed to fully charge the system with Freon. He gave the system a full check and after his service call our AC as never worked better. Honest and professional. Thanks for making my summer a little cooler.”

– Ethan G.