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    humidifiersHumidifiers in La Quinta, CA can greatly improve living conditions and encourage better breathing. Humidity refers to the levels of moisture in the air, and high humidity levels mean there are high amounts of water vapor in the air. Humidifiers are useful for increasing moisture levels in the air by changing water into vapor.

    They have various benefits, including increasing comfort in the home, improving the indoor air quality, and improving health conditions. Humidifiers are effective in curing allergies, headaches, sinus inflammation as well as dryness of the lips, throat, nose, and skin caused by dry air. Give us a call for the best humidifier in La Quinta, CA and the surrounding areas.

    Humidifiers in La Quinta

    Various factors could affect your choice of humidifier, such as the size of the space, budget, and preference. There are several types to choose from. A central humidifier is built into the home’s HVAC system and tends to be the most expensive because it works throughout the entire home. A central humidifier also does not release steam, thus reducing the risk of burns.

    Evaporators are a single-unit system that uses a moistened filter to blow the vapor into the room it is in. They are cheaper than a central humidifier but can only be used in one room at a go. Remember not to have too much moisture as it is hazardous and can lead to mold or breathing problems for people with asthma.

    An impeller humidifier is an inexpensive cool-mist unit that is child-friendly as there is no risk of burns. They are used in one room at a go. If used too much, however, they could cause discomfort for people with asthma.

    Steam vaporizers are electrically powered units that heat and cool water and then release it into the air. They are popular as they are portable and the cheapest of the lot. However, it is not recommended for homes with children as they can lead to burns. Finally, an ultrasonic humidifier uses ultrasonic vibrations. These units create a cool or warm mist, depending on the version.

    Here are some ways of getting the most out of your humidifier:
    • Change the filter regularly
    • Clean your cool or warm-mist humidifier every couple of days
    • Avoid salty water because the minerals could be released into the air
    • Change the water daily
    • Ensure a humidifier level of 30% to 50%

    The process of installing a portable humidifier is relatively simple and easy. However, some other types may require professional assistance. The installation process varies depending on the size, type, and humidifier model. We can help you with all your humidifier needs in Palm Desert.

    Aprilaire Steam Humidifier
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    Purchasing the Best Humidifier

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    La Quinta can get dry in the summer. Contact Breeze Air Conditioning to purchase the best humidifier in town.