4 Reasons Why You May Want to Have the Speed of Your AC Fan Adjusted

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Every aspect of an air conditioner’s installation should be streamlined to reflect the needs and nuances of the individual environment. If it isn’t, even the most efficient cooling systems cannot perform exactly as they should. Just as square footage alone is not enough for determining the right AC size for your Palm Desert home, multiple factors should be considered when setting your air conditioner’s fan speed. Faster fan settings aren’t guaranteed to increase your home comfort. In fact, they may make your home feel muggy and downright unpleasant. Following are four reasons to consider having your AC fan speed professionally adjusted.

1. Your Home Feels Cool But It Also Feels Clammy

Creating a well-insulated and virtually airtight living environment contributes to overall efficiency. This is known as creating a tight envelope, and it’s a popular practice among climate-conscious and cost-conscious California consumers. Measures such as installing weatherstripping and upgrading to multi-paned windows limit the loss of conditioned air and prevent energy waste. However, the more efficient that homes become, the more that their cooling demands decrease.

If you have a well-insulated home and minimal air loss, having a high fan speed could cause humidity problems. In an efficient home, an air conditioner won’t take long to establish residents’ preferred temperature. As a result, the AC system’s cooling cycles will be shorter than normal. In instances where these cycles are too short, air conditioners don’t have enough time to extract excess humidity. If you home feels cold enough but it also feels clammy, it’s probably because your air conditioner’s fan speed is set too high.

2. Your AC Installer Did a Slap-Dash Job

If you chose the cheapest air conditioner installer you could find, you may have noticed evidence of shoddy workmanship in other areas. One of the most common signs of a slap-dash or less-than-ideal AC installation is the tendency to leave things at standard settings. For instance, some AC installers don’t adjust the standard amount of refrigerant that new air conditioners come with. Some don’t ensure proper HVAC ductwork configurations or streamline the length of AC refrigerant lines to perfectly support the intended setup. Some companies don’t even pull permits that ensure that their work is properly inspected.

If you were unhappy with the workmanship you received for your air conditioner installation, scheduling an appointment to have your fan speed checked is a good idea. Just as HVAC companies fail to adjust standard refrigerant levels, they also leave AC fans at their standard, pre-set speeds. Most new air conditioners are set to run at 400 cubic feet per minute (CFM). However, many living environments require either significantly lower or significantly higher fan settings based on the tightness of the home envelopes and many other factors.

3. The Air Coming Out of Your Vents Isn’t Exactly Cold

High fan speeds push air out of HVAC air vents at a rapid rate. Although this might sound like a good thing, you may notice that the fast-moving air coming out of your air vents is anything but cold. This is because fast-moving air doesn’t get a lot of time to sit on the evaporator coil where the unit’s refrigerant cools it down. Lowering your fan speed will increase the amount of time that warm air spends on this coil. It will also dramatically reduce the temperature of the air that’s being blown throughout your home.

4. You Want to Extend the Lifespan of Your Cooling Equipment

Fast-moving air caused by ultra-high fan speeds can be hard on your HVAC equipment and your ductwork. Although your air conditioner will have shorter cooling cycles, it will likely have far more of them. This extra wear is also compounded by the fact that many homes with high AC fan speeds also have excess humidity in the air. All of these things together can wind up shortening your AC’s overall lifespan.

Having a professional adjust your fan speed will ensure that it’s perfect for the needs, layout, and nuances of your home. It will also optimize the efficiency of your air conditioner and improve your comfort.

Since 1980, Breeze Air Conditioning has been providing reliable air conditioner, furnace, and heat pump services to residents of Palm Desert, CA, and the surrounding area. We also offer indoor air quality service, humidifiers, air purifiers, and wine cellar coolers. If your AC fan setting isn’t just right, call us today for a professional adjustment.

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