5 Common Furnace Noises and What They Mean

Furnace Repair in Palm Desert, CA

Your furnace is an extremely important appliance, especially during the winter months. So naturally, if yours has started making unusual noises, it can be very disconcerting. The last thing you want is for the appliance that keeps you warm to break down during the coldest time of year. Different furnace sounds can mean different things, though, with some being more worrisome and requiring more significant repairs than others. As a homeowner, if you’re able to identify the separate noises and what they’re a symptom of, it can give you the best chance to handle each situation properly.

1. Loud Banging or Booming

An unusual banging or booming noise can be one of the most concerning sounds for a furnace owner, but it isn’t necessarily a major problem. In most cases, this noise will occur with a gas furnace, and it’s most caused by little gas explosions within the appliance. This happens when your furnace’s gas burners aren’t quite igniting on time, and that delay results in buildups. This might be a result of the burners being clogged or contaminated, which is something that a heating technician should be able to take care of. If you let the problem linger, though, it could lead to your heat exchanger being damaged, which can be a much more serious issue.

2. Scraping Noise

If it sounds like something is scraping within your furnace, it most likely means that either the ball bearings are worn out, or that the furnace’s blower wheel has come loose. It will be hard to tell which one is causing the noise without a professional inspection, so your best bet will be to turn off the heating system and bring in a local technician as soon as you can.

3. Loud Rattling

When something inside your furnace has come loose, such as a panel or screw, it may result in a constant rattling noise coming from the heating unit. In many cases, this starts off as a minor problem, but over time, that loose component may start to meet other parts of your furnace and cause further damage. Because it’s hard to know on your own how much damage the loose part has already caused, your best bet would be to immediately turn off the furnace and call a local heating professional. It’s possible that your heat exchanger has become damaged or cracked, which can result in carbon monoxide leaking into your home, so you always want to take this type of noise seriously.

4. Popping Sounds

If you’re hearing strange popping sounds, it’s possible that they’re coming from your home’s air ducts rather than the furnace itself. Your heating system uses these ducts to distribute hot air, but sometimes when that hot air encounters the cold metal of the ducts, that metal will start to expand. This can cause those loud popping noises that you’re hearing. If you’re typically hearing the sounds right around the time you start up the furnace, this could very well be the problem. It’s nothing serious, but make sure to have your ductwork regularly inspected anyway.

5. Loud Humming Noise

A quiet humming noise from your furnace is totally normal, but if that humming starts to get unusually loud, it’s a major red flag. Oftentimes, this loud humming is indicative of a severe problem with either your furnace’s blower fan or capacitor. If this is left unrepaired for too long, it can end up causing major damage to the fan, which can require a very pricey repair job or in the worst-case scenarios, even replacing the heating system entirely. When you notice this noise, don’t wait around to bring in a technician.

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