Am I Getting Headaches Because of My Air Conditioner?

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Headaches can be chronic and debilitating. Although there can be many causes of headaches, you may be surprised to learn yours could stem from your air conditioner. Although we rely on our air conditioners to maintain comfort, they can sometimes cause headaches and health issues.

Dehydration: Air Conditioners Create Dry, Cold Air

During the summer, it is the humidity levels that make the air more uncomfortable than the heat alone. Air conditioners work to cool the air and remove excess humidity, making your home more comfortable.

Although lowering the humidity levels in your home leads to more bearable conditions in the summer heat, when the air becomes too dry, it can dehydrate your body. Even slight dehydration can lead to headaches, especially if your sinuses are dry.

You should stay well hydrated to combat the overly dry air in your home. If the problem becomes chronic, we urge you to ask about our humidifier options at Breeze Air Conditioning. Running a humidifier with your HVAC system can ensure proper moisture levels for easier breathing and fewer headaches.

Cold Air Gives Milder Versions of Brain Freeze

Have you ever drunk an icy drink or milkshake too fast and gotten a pain in your head that we often call brain freeze? According to scientists, cold air can sometimes overly stimulate the trigeminal nerves, which are the cranial nerves responsible for facial sensations. You can develop headaches if your AC produces too much cold air.

To alleviate or prevent head pain caused by cold temperatures, consider raising your thermostat a few degrees. A minor increase in temperature will help you avoid head pain because your trigeminal nerve will not become overstimulated.

Air Conditioners Can Spread Mold

If you have mold growing in your home, your air conditioner could cause it to spread and repopulate in every room. Your AC system and ductwork can provide the ideal conditions for mold growth because they are dark and sometimes moist. Mold growth can cause headaches and other symptoms, including nasal congestion and labored breathing, depending on the severity of the infestation.

Cold Air Causes Blood Vessel Constriction

Increased cold can lead to blood vessel constriction in the head. You can develop a sharp pain in your head when the blood vessels suddenly dilate. The decrease in blood flow can also lead to feelings of tiredness.

You are more likely to experience this phenomenon when coming into a cool room on a very hot day. The sudden change in temperature can constrict the cranial vessels and cause head pain. You may need to turn up the thermostat to cool down more slowly.

Air Conditioners Can Circulate Dirty Air

When was the last time you sought air conditioner and duct cleaning services? Air conditioners and their components become caked with dust, pollen, and animal dander, which can all circulate in your home.

If you have allergies, these circulating contaminants in the air can lead to a host of symptoms, including headaches. You must change your AC filter regularly and have it deep cleaned by our expert technicians at Breeze Air Conditioning at least once a year. We also recommend that you occasionally open your windows to let in fresh air.

Sudden Temperature Drops Cause Sinus Swelling

Increased sinus pressure can cause your entire head to ache and pound. You have eight sinuses in your head, and when the temperature drops suddenly, these pockets can begin to swell and cause pain.

You may feel pressure across your forehead or between or under your eyes. To overcome the discomfort, we recommend drinking lots of water, sleeping with your head elevated, and using a whole-home humidifier to keep your sinus tissues moist and healthy.

Excessive Operational Noises Can Cause Headaches

Some people are more sensitive to noise than others. If your air conditioner is older, it is likely becoming noisier. Some systems can become very loud during operation because of the wear and tear of their moving parts.

If your system is so loud it causes headaches, seeking repairs from Breeze Air Conditioning is essential. We will come out and inspect your system to determine the cause of the problem and repair it right away.

Keep the Headaches at Bay

Although there are many causes of headaches, air conditioners are surprisingly common. If you notice head pain in any of the above scenarios, your AC could be to blame. Call Breeze Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment for AC maintenance or repair. We also offer installation, repair, and maintenance of heating equipment, heat pumps, and indoor air quality equipment.