Difference Between HVAC and AC

In the summer heat of Palm Desert, you depend on your air conditioner to keep your home and family comfortable. When there is a problem with your AC, Breeze Air Conditioning is the company you can call to make it right. Our skilled technicians are trained to service all makes and models of air conditioners as well as the broader field of climate control known as HVAC.

What Is an Air Conditioner?

In homes around the deserts of California, you can find many different kinds of air conditioners. You may have a single unit that is designed to cool your whole house. There are also homes with multiple window units. Some buildings even have the newer ductless split systems. All of these machines work by the same principle. A refrigerant and a condenser create an exchange of hot and cool air. Hot air blows outside, while cool air blows inside.

HVAC Includes AC

The “AC” in HVAC stands for air conditioning, but this is only one part of a comprehensive system. The “H” stands for heating. In a full HVAC system, a furnace is connected to ducts that run through the building. During the heating season, warm air flows through the ducts and into each room. During the cooling season, the air conditioner pushes air through the same ductwork.

The final piece of HVAC is ventilation. Especially in sealed commercial buildings, it can be difficult to have an exchange of fresh, outdoor air and stale, indoor air. Part of a full HVAC system is a ventilator that facilitates this exchange. As newer homes become more energy-efficient, more designers are including ventilation in their climate control system designs to prevent indoor air quality problems.

If you need help with any aspect of HVAC technology, the technicians at Breeze Air Conditioning are ready to visit your Palm Desert home. We will keep your systems running at their best. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

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