The Complete AC Installation Process

AC Installation in Palm Desert, CA

Getting a new air conditioning system installed might seem terribly complex when you consider everything involved. However, professional HVAC technicians are highly trained to do this job, and they’ll be able to accomplish it relatively quickly. Of course, you may be interested in what goes on during the AC installation.

Initial Review of Your Existing System

Once the technicians arrive, they will verify the information with you and review the existing system. This helps them to figure out a course of action and eliminate any unforeseen problems. While one installer is reviewing the system, other team members will lay out floor protection and get out tools. They will also shut off the electrical current to the equipment.

Removal of Your Existing Equipment

The first thing that the team will do is remove the refrigerant from your old air conditioner. This must be performed by licensed professionals, and it has to be done in accordance with EPA standards. Since they are not allowed to let this refrigerant get out into the atmosphere, they will use a recovery machine with a tank to remove it. Once the refrigerant has been removed, the electrical wiring will be disconnected. After that, the condensate drain will be disconnected, as will anything else connected to the old unit.

Removal of the Indoor Unit

If you are having the air handler replaced, the technicians will then come into your home and remove the indoor unit. They will also remove the evaporator coil that is located above your air handler. There will be several steps in this process, including disconnecting various wiring and lines.

Installing the New Indoor Coil

There are two different types of coils that can be installed with your new air conditioner. The most commonly used option is what is known as a cased coil. This comes in a fully insulated cabinet that has panels. The cased coil sits right on top of your furnace and does not require any type of modification. The only step that has to be taken with the cased coil is that it needs to be connected and sealed. The other option is an uncased coil, which is a coil without the cabinet around it. It requires more preparation time and has more installation requirements.

Installing the New Outdoor Unit

The part of your AC system that goes outside is the condenser, and it’s important that this component is positioned properly. There should be sufficient space around it, and the surface must be level. Sometimes this is accomplished with gravel, but a concrete slab could also be used. When the area is prepared, the new outdoor unit will be set in place and connected to the inside air handler. All the electrical wiring will be inspected for functionality. The unit will then be charged with new refrigerant. The refrigerant employed today is safer for the environment than the older type was, and it’s very effective at cooling a home.

If a new thermostat has been selected, it will be installed at this time. This is also the juncture at which new ductwork may be installed. You might need new ductwork if your existing ducts are very old, full of gaps or damaged in some way. New ductwork can help your home maintain its temperature and ensure that you are not dealing with any air loss.

Final Inspection

Once your new air conditioning unit is installed, the technicians will inspect the entire system. They will check your ductwork, thermostat, outdoor unit, indoor unit, condensate drains and electrical lines to ensure that there is nothing missing and that the unit is operating as it should. You can expect this final inspection to last for a while because the technicians will want to make sure your equipment is running properly and cooling well.


Once the functionality has been verified, the HVAC installers will start to clean up your property. You can expect that all materials, trash, boxes, tools and equipment will be removed, and your premises will be left as tidy as they were before the team arrived. They’ll give you some final instructions and tell you to call them if you have any trouble with your new equipment.

If your current AC has seen better days, getting a new air conditioning system is a wise move and certainly a good investment. New systems are far more energy efficient and effective at cooling homes. They’re even better for the environment. If you are located in the Palm Desert area and interested in getting a new AC system, let our team from Breeze Air Conditioning arrange a free consultation. We’ve spent decades serving the residents of this area with heating and cooling installations, repairs and maintenance. Give us a call today to get the process started.

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