What Are the Most Important Rooms to Have an Air Purifier in?

Living RoomThe air quality in your home is important to the health and comfort of everyone inside. What many homeowners don’t realize is that indoor air quality is sometimes worse than what’s outside.

Sure, you might have a standard air filter in place to catch dust, pet hair, dander and more, but that often isn’t enough to accommodate truly clean air in your home. That’s why air purifiers are so important. Breeze Air Conditioning in Palm Desert, CA, can customize the air in your home to make it pure, clean and comfortable all year round.

But, before you run out and have an air purifier installed in every room of your home, ask yourself these questions.

What Rooms Do I Spend the Most Time In?

You’ll want to focus on the areas of your home that you or your family members spend the most time in. If there are areas where you seldom go, you don’t need to over-obsess about immaculate air quality there.

Most households spend the majority of their time in the family room, basement and individual bedrooms. Also, many homes feature an open concept, which means one quality air purifier can treat a major swath of the home.

Do I Contribute to Dirty Air?

All homes have to deal with dusty air. However, is there something unique to your household that would merit a more heavy-duty air purifier? For instance, if you own multiple animals, the hair and dander should be a concern. Cigarette smokers also introduce several impurities into the air.

Do I Have Special Air Quality Needs?

This applies to those who might suffer from allergies or asthma. They need elements like dust mites removed, which would require a HEPA filter or other purification solutions. It’s important to invest in an air purification system that can get your air quality up to snuff with your needs.

Trust Your Air Quality and In-Home Comfort With Proven Professionals

Breeze Air Conditioning is highly skilled in designing heating and cooling systems in addition to providing the necessary maintenance, repairs and installation work for furnaces and air conditioners.

Our team of licensed professionals is highly skilled at meeting your in-home climate needs. Call us today to learn more.

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