How California’s Net Zero Goal for 2045 Affects HVAC Systems

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California has become one of the nation’s pioneering states when it comes to environmental awareness. In an effort to help the environment and to reduce the dependency on limited natural resources, the state has set a net-zero carbon goal for 2045. This is the most ambitious climate goal that any government has set so far. While California is just one state in the U.S., it represents one of the largest economies in the world, so this decision will have far-reaching impacts. Residents of California may be wondering how this goal and the accompanying legislation will affect their day-to-day activities and personal HVAC systems. It’ll likely result in the installation of many more heat pumps and the reliance on sustainable sources of electrical power rather than the consumption of natural gas or coal.

Why Are Heat Pumps More Ideal?

In this move to create a net-zero community, California will be encouraging the use of heat pumps. In fact, state residents might already be able to enjoy rebates or tax credits when they have new heat pumps installed. The reason why heat pumps are going to be more common in the future is that they’re more efficient than traditional heaters.

Instead of working hard to make their own heat, heat pumps transfer it from one place to another. A geothermal heat pump would absorb heat from under the ground, where the temperature stays constant throughout the year, and an air-source heat pump would absorb heat from the air outside the home. Even if it’s chilly outside, that air is still going to be warmer than the cold refrigerant running through the heat pump’s system, so heat can still be easily transferred. There are also some types of heat pumps that run their systems through water. Regardless of what type of system is set up, the heat is brought into the home and released. In comparison with a traditional furnace, this is a much more efficient way of keeping a home warm and comfortable. In some cases, a heat pump could be twice as efficient as a furnace, and some models may result in an even bigger efficiency differential.

An added benefit of a heat pump is that it can work as an air conditioner as well. It’s a two-in-one system that can function in every season of the year. In the warmer months, a heat pump is able to keep you cool by absorbing heat from your home. It then takes this heat away and releases it into the air, ground, or water. Basically, this process is the opposite of what happens in the summer.

This is all good news for consumers because heat pumps can require less maintenance than their traditional counterparts. Also, not having to be concerned about two systems counts for something as well. AtBreeze Air Conditioning, we have already helped many people in Palm Desert and the surrounding communities with heat pump installation and maintenance, and we’re always ready to take action in case a repair is necessary.

Heat pumps do rely on electricity, but they don’t require any natural gas or oil. To generate electricity, resources do need to be used, but California is actively expanding its use of renewable resources like solar and wind.

Looking Ahead

California has been focusing a lot of attention on making its communities more friendly to the environment. Most new homes are now required to come with solar panels, and homes are being built with more insulation, higher-quality windows, and other energy-efficient components like drought-resistant landscaping, smart thermostats, and tankless water heaters. Heat pumps are going to be a major part of the solution as well. Our day-to-day activities might not be changed that much, but the way we power our homes and keep our places comfortable throughout the year may need to be adjusted.

A Source of Information

Whenever you have questions, please reach out to Breeze Air Conditioning. We can provide you with more information regarding heat pumps if you’re interested. We’d also be happy to advise you as to whether it might be better to repair an existing HVAC system or replace it with a newer, more efficient unit. Of course, we’ll take your budget and preferences into mind as we do so. We offer services related to heaters, air conditioners, air purifiers, humidifiers, smart thermostats, and heat pumps. We’ve been in the industry since 1980 and are open seven days a week. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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