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    heat pumpWhen you need reliable heat pump service in Palm Desert, CA, choose the experts the locals have come to rely on – Breeze Air Conditioning. Heat pumps are a popular alternative to a furnace for many homeowners in the area, providing reliable heat when the desert nights get chilly. And, even though the area is known for beautiful, warm weather, January nights are no time to wonder if your heat pump will work. Whether you need a fast heat pump repair or you need to schedule a new hat pump installation, we’re on hand from start to finish, ensuring that each job is completed to your 100% satisfaction.

    Since we opened for business more than 40 years ago, we’ve made it our mission to provide superior HVAC work at honest, competitive prices. When you look around Palm Desert, you’ll see our signature service vans on their way to perform heat pump maintenance and leave yet another customer satisfied. Do you need a heat pump service you can count on? Give the team at Breeze Air Conditioning a call – we’re open seven days a week to serve you!

    Experienced Heat Pump Repair in Palm Desert

    If you’ve noticed that your home isn’t getting as warm in the winter as you’d like it to, or if you’re hearing strange sounds coming from the heat pump, it often is a sign that there’s something wrong. The Breeze Air Conditioning tech excels at properly diagnosing any problem with your home’s heat pump and determining the right way to fix it.

    We ensure that all of our techs are factory-trained to learn the ins and outs of all major brands and models of heat pumps, so we know how to properly troubleshoot and repair each model we encounter. Don’t worry if the heat pump in your home is an older, less common model – the Breeze Air Conditioning team can fix it right the first time! We also complete ongoing in-house training so that we’re able to troubleshoot the more complex Smart Home and Energy Star heat pumps.

    There are many signs indicate your Palm Desert home’s heat pump needs repair:
    • Strange sounds, like knocking or banging
    • Problems turning the heat pump on
    • Spotty heating throughout the house
    • Poor indoor air quality
    • Short cycling, or turning on and off frequently

    Professional New Heat Pump Installation

    heat pump2If you constantly have to call for repairs for your home’s heat pump, or if your appliance is more than ten years old, it may be time to schedule a heat pump replacement. Newer models are much more efficient than older ones, which can reduce your energy consumption, savings that quickly add up. And, many newer heat pump models also have more features to enhance your home comfort, like programming that creates temperature “zones” in your Palm Desert home, allowing certain parts of the house to be warmer or cooler than the rest. Not only does zoning save money on power, abut makes everyone more comfortable. No more fighting over the thermostat!

    Don’t worry if you don’t know what kind of SEER rating or several BTUs your home needs or if you aren’t sure what new heat pump model is right for your home. The expert sales team at Breeze Air Conditioning can help guide you to the right options for the size of your home and your needs. We even consider the space where your new heat pump installation will be, showing you models that will fit. And we work with your budget, offering competitive financing for qualified customers. Trust our team to find the right new model for your heat pump replacement – we will never sell you anything you don’t need!

    Breeze Air Conditioning also provides full-service installation on every heat pump we sell. We remove your old appliance and dispose of it properly for you, saving you that task. Then, we work with your busy schedule to find the right time to complete the heat pump installation. Our factory-trained installers expertly complete the installation, then test the new heat pump to ensure it’s working right. If you select a Smart Home model, we coordinate it with the app for the unit. Then, once we know the appliance works properly, we demonstrate how to operate and program it and give you tips on troubleshooting it.

    Expert Heat Pump Maintenance

    The best way to keep your brand-new heat pump working efficiently or extend the life of an older model is to have regular preventative maintenance, heat pump service, and cleaning. We recommend annual maintenance to ensure that you’re ready for winter. Your heat pump maintenance service from Breeze Air Conditioning includes thoroughly inspecting the heat pump and repairing any small problems we see, like a worn bearing or faulty electricity. This reduces the chances of a big emergency repair later on.

    NATEWe also thoroughly clean the unit, removing the dirt, pollen, pet hair, and other debris that accumulates, which causes excess friction for the moving parts in the heat pump. Too much friction makes the parts wear down faster, so the appliance doesn’t work as efficiently and breaks down more. Also, regular cleaning as part of your heat pump service improves your indoor air quality, since all that dirt isn’t carried into your home with the warm air. After we clean the heat pump, we re-lubricate it. Plus, we’ll let you know if any lurking problems might require your attention sooner or later.

    Breeze Air Conditioning is proud to offer High Desert’s highest-quality heat pump repair service. We’ve been in business for more than 40 years and is proud to employ NATE-Certified heating technicians. Call us today to schedule your heat pump installation, repair, or maintenance, and discover why we’re Palm Desert’s most reliable HVAC contractor!