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    Furnace Maintenance in Desert Hot Springs, CAFollowing the advice of heating and cooling experts, many homeowners request furnace maintenance here in Desert Hot Springs, CA. They know well, however, that tune-ups, no matter how much they extend the life span of their system, will not prevent the need for furnace replacement in the future. Gas furnaces can last 15 to 20 years, and electric furnaces even longer, but eventually, the time for a new one must come.

    Desert Hot Springs Furnace Maintenance

    Just remember that without maintenance, things could be worse, and the furnace may not live beyond a decade. If you’re hesitating about a tune-up, consider the following benefits. Besides keeping your system running smoothly, a tune-up can:

    • Improve energy efficiency
    • Lower your monthly bill
    • Prevent the need for major repairs
    • Keep most manufacturer’s warranties valid

    Tune-ups can cover much or little, depending on the company you hire and what plans they offer. The more you pay, the more extensive the maintenance is, and the better your furnace’s performance will be. Let’s go over the tune-up basics. The HVAC technician will first inspect your system and check for any abnormalities, especially where airflow is concerned. These could include clogged filters and a dirty coil and heat exchanger. The technician may also spot hazards like old wiring and leaking gas.

    The adjustments and repairs done during the tune-up can ensure that your furnace blows out warm air on demand without a long build-up, cycles for a reasonable 10 or 15 minutes at a time, and leaves each room equally warm. In addition, you shouldn’t hear any unusual and loud noises like banging, rattling, hissing, and squealing. If a repair job is too extensive for the maintenance plan to cover, then you’ll need to schedule it separately. You can say no, of course. In the end, you’ll have a detailed report of the tune-up for future reference.

    Desert Hot Springs Furnace Replacement

    Desert Hot Springs Furnace ReplacementPerhaps your furnace gets maintenance and the occasional repairs, and it’s acting up. Maybe it’s over 15 years old. In that case, you’ll need to seriously consider a furnace replacement here in Desert Hot Springs. Established in 1980, Breeze Air Conditioning has NATE-certified technicians who can give honest advice either way. We’re in Palm Desert at St. Charles Place, and we can quickly send someone out to your home, especially if there’s an emergency. We provide free installation estimates and carry a wide range of gas and oil furnaces. Our company has the honor of being a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer.

    To take advantage of our team’s extensive knowledge, call Breeze Air Conditioning today, and we’ll schedule you for a consultation at a time that suits you.

    Not looking for furnace maintenance? We also provide furnace repair, furnace installation, and AC maintenance services.