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    Making Your Life a Breeze

    The Breeze Maintenance Program ensures that your heating and cooling system is in tip top shape all year long. There are enough worries for you to deal with throughout the year so we bundled your cooling maintenance appointment and heating maintenance appointment into one convenient package deal. With guaranteed biannual service, your system will be ready for the weather no matter the season. We want to make your life a breeze!

    Maintenance Program

    PLUS when you become a member of the Breeze Maintenance Program, you will start SAVING!
    What’s included with your membership:
    • Clean and/or replace filters
    • Clean blower & compartment
    • Clean & maintain burners
    • Check electrical connections
    • Check operational controls & inspect for wear
    • Check voltage supply
    • Check blower motor & condenser fan motor amperage
    • Check compressor running amperage
    • Check all wiring for loose connections
    • Check tightness of blower housing mounts
    • Check refrigerant charge
    • Check limit safety
    • Clean or wash condenser coil*
    • Check condenser drains*
    • Check furnace for venting*
    • Check pilot flame**
    • Check burner ignition**
    • Check manifold gas pressure**
    • Check electrical spark ignition control**
    • Check safety lockout**
    • Check temperature rise**
    • Check heat exchanger for cracks***
    Maintenance Program2

    *Cooling season only
    ** Heating season only
    ***Due to the complex nature of condensation drains, we will not be responsible for damage caused by drain overflows at any time.

    Benefits of the Breeze maintenance program/membership:
    • Extends the life of your HVAC system
    • Prevents costly repairs & breakdowns
    • Increases the efficiency of your HVAC system
    • May reduce your utility bills
    • Improves your home’s safety & comfort
    • Ensures your manufacturer warranty remains valid

    Save $158 a year on biannual tune-ups and Save 10% off all parts!

    Call our team today to learn more about becoming a member of the Breeze Maintenance Program!