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    mini splitsAt Breeze Air Conditioning, we want everyone to know the value of mini-splits in Palm Desert, CA. A mini-split is a ductless air conditioner that cools a single room, and it does so by pulling heat from the inside air and releasing it outside through the compressor unit. You probably know what the air handler, the indoor unit, looks like; it’s typically white and very compact, with a sleek design that lets it fit into any surrounding. Between the air handler and the compressor runs the piping for the refrigerant.

    Many homeowners opt for mini-splits over central AC, knowing that they can hook up a maximum of eight air handlers to one compressor, while others choose them because they own older houses that can’t support ductwork. Usually, though, mini-splits are bought for the service they provide to outbuildings, room additions, and attic spaces.

    Mini-Splits in Palm Desert

    Palm Desert residents can rest assured that the installation of a ductless air conditioner is normally quick and hassle-free. It’s not so invasive; the technicians will only need to make a three-inch hole in the wall to let the refrigerant line in. And there’s great flexibility in where to place the compressor because it can lay as far as 50 feet away from the air handler.

    That’s only the first of the many benefits you’ll enjoy with mini-splits. Here are the others:
    • Increased energy efficiency
    • Quiet, smooth performance
    • Variable-speed operation
    • Multiple temperature zones

    So much cool air can be lost through ductwork, especially if it’s not well-sealed, but mini-splits deliver all of their cool air directly into your room. The variable-speed technology will also increase efficiency because there’s nothing worse for an AC than switching it on and off.

    The mini-split can run almost continually, slowing down when it has reached the set point and taking into account those times when you don’t need it, such as when you’re at work. All of this will translate into lower energy bills.

    With a thermostat accompanying each air handler, you can set a different temperature from what you have with the central AC unit. This can personalize comfort since we each have our own temperature preferences.

    Mini Split services are also provided in:

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    Established in 1980, Breeze Air Conditioning is a reliable source for mini-splits in Palm Desert and the surrounding areas. We’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and we place a special focus on green technology, too. Once your product is installed, you can turn to our NATE-certified heating and cooling technicians whenever you need repairs or maintenance.

    For high-quality mini-splits in Palm Desert, simply give us a call at Breeze Air Conditioning today!