How to Solve Your Home’s Static Electricity Problem

Static electricity is one of the most irritating consequences of bad indoor air quality. It occurs whenever the home is abnormally dry, and it results in tiny little sparks when you open a door, walk across a floor, or touch something. If you are tired of getting shocked by static electricity, there are a few things you can do to address the problem

Decorate With Houseplants

Houseplants do more than just make a home look stylish. Living plants expel a lot of moisture into the air, so they are a good way to reduce the likelihood of static shock. Peace lilies, rubber plants, and areca palms are particularly good at moisturizing air, but even dryer plants like succulents are still effective.

Adjust Your HVAC System

Excessive dryness is usually the culprit of static shock, so think about how you want to set your thermostat. Good HVAC systems, like the ones Breeze Air Conditioning installs, naturally remove humidity from the air as they run. Therefore, if you like keeping your Palm Desert home’s temperatures at abnormally high or low levels, it may cause an issue.

Use Anti-Static Spray

A helpful temporary fix when you want to cut back on static is an anti-static spray. This is a chemical spray that can be applied to carpet, couches, and other textiles in the home to reduce the transfer of electrons between materials. It helps to reduce static shock as long as it remains on the surface.

Install a Humidifier

Since a static electricity problem is really a dry air problem, the most effective solution is getting a humidifier to add moisture to your air. A humidifier can be a small unit in a single room, or you can get components that attach to the rest of your HVAC system and add moist air throughout the house.

Breeze Air Conditioning has many ways to improve the quality of your indoor air. In fact, we offer all types of heating and cooling system assistance. Call us today to learn more about the helpful services we offer.

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