June 25, 2019

Reasons to Have a Home Energy Audit

No one wants to pay too much to keep their home at a reasonable temperature. One way to minimize costs is to have a home energy audit. Here are some reasons why this can be a good idea. Find the Sources of Drafts or Leaks Drafts can make your home significantly colder in the winter and significantly hotter in the summer. In some cases, it leads to parts of your home that are too cold or too hot whether or not the furnace or air conditioner have been turned on. At in Palm Desert, we can do home energy audits as well as take care of any heating or cooling needs that you may have. This could include installing new equipment or repairing HVAC components that already exist in your home. Get Ideas to Make Your Home More Comfortable When we come over to do an energy audit, our trained professionals can give you ideas as to how you can make your home more efficient. For instance, a new furnace or air conditioner may use less energy than the unit currently in your home. It may be possible to design a custom HVAC system in your home that is affordable...

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