Telltale Signs You Need to Invest in a Humidifier

When temperatures get too low, you’ll routinely turn to the furnace to heat your home. Ultimately, you’ll achieve the desired room temperature, but not without a price. The hot air has a low moisture content, affecting indoor humidity levels. Running the furnace for long lowers room humidity levels to as low as 10%, which is unsafe for the inhabitant’s health and room comfort. The most reliable solution is to install a humidifier in your home. Not sure whether your home needs a humidifier? Watch out for the following signs.

Static Energy

Everyone with basic knowledge of physical science knows what static energy is and its exasperating effects. Static electricity may not directly threaten your life, but the shock from charged electrons attached to different household items could cause electrostatic shocks. Electrostatic sparks carry electrostatic oomph strong enough to generate shockwaves that can cause damage to electronic and mechanical components. High-intense electric shock could as well trigger explosions and fires.

As a resident of the Palm Desert area, you might have noticed that static energy problems increase in winter. The cold winter air is usually low in humidity, and static energy thrives in areas with low moisture content. At Breeze Air Conditioning, we install all types and sizes of humidifiers. Our humidification systems have clean and efficient filters to keep moisture levels high to combat static. We install and service single-room and whole-house humidifiers from leading international and American-based brands.

Unexplainable Discomforts and Health Issues

Indeed, the hot air pumped by your furnace does not contain enough humidity, but that’s not always the case for everyone. Your space may not always be too cold and deprived of moisture to warrant getting a humidifier in the winter. However, if you always feel uncomfortable and can longer enjoy that pleasant night’s sleep you used to, it’s a sign you should get a humidifier. When the cold air has lower than 20% moisture content, you’ll experience conditions such as cracked lips, dry and itchy skin, scratchy throat, nosebleeds, and irritated sinuses.

Additionally, cold and flu symptoms become rampant in the cold season. Disease-carrying pathogens thrive in dry air because the air is lightweight and has fewer water molecules. They can stay in the air for an extended period, which explains the widespread infections in winter. Introducing moisture to your space kills these pathogens within a shorter period. That’s because the pathogens bond with the water molecules, which makes them too heavy to float in the air. Eventually, you might notice that symptoms reduce and that your household experiences fewer instances of the flu and colds.

Damage to Wooden Household Items

The dry air confined in your rooms is usually starved of essential elements like moisture. Since it needs moisture to attain a humid equilibrium state, it will extract moisture from everything around it. The first culprits are the wooden items in your home, including furniture, floors, and walls. The air will extract the moisture content in these wooden products, leaving them shrunk and brittle.

If you notice that your wooden products are cracking and splitting in the cold season, it’s time to get a humidifier. A humidification system will distribute enough moisture in the target space to balance the humidity levels and stop damage to wooden items.

Threats to Pet Health and Comfort

In low-humidity seasons, pet health can decline as well. Pet fur has a high electrostatic current holding capacity, which may electrostatically shock them or their owners. Additionally, pets, like humans, feel uncomfortable in areas with air that feels too dry, and they will seem thirsty more often.

Allergens and infections spread faster and in high volumes during cold weather. Cold, dry air has a higher allergen and infection-holding capacity, which spearheads the spread of pet health problems. The most practical way to end these pet-related problems is to get a humidifier. A properly sized humidifier with clean filters will supplement indoor humidity levels, reducing pet skin dryness and discomfort while curbing the spread of infections and allergens.

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