How to Install a Smart Thermostat Like a Pro

Smart Thermostat in Palm Desert, CA

A new thermostat installation offers more convenience and increased energy savings. Unlike your old thermostat, a WI-FI thermostat can learn your heating and cooling patterns and adjust the temperature accordingly. Not only that, but you can also connect your smart thermostat to a brand app to remote control it from your phone. You can also check the energy reports to track energy use in your Palm Desert, CA home. While it’s always advisable to schedule professional thermostat installation, you can follow these tips to install your new smart thermostat quickly and safely.

Check Compatibility

Although smart thermostats work with the vast majority of homes, it’s always a good idea to confirm the compatibility of your HVAC system. Luckily, most brands offer a compatibility checker to help you check on the wiring. Visit the official compatibility checker and follow the instructions. You can also contact reliable heating and cooling technicians in Palm Desert or the surrounding areas to check wire voltage and quality. They will even install a C-Wire adapter if you don’t have it.

Gather the Necessary Tools

You only need basic electrical wiring knowledge and some tools to install your new WI-FI thermostat. The tools you might need for the job include a hammer, wall anchors, a screwdriver, pliers, a pencil, and a drill.

Power Off Your System

Power off your HVAC unit before removing your current thermostat to avoid shorting the electrical components of your HVAC system. Simply locate the circuit breaker labeled HVAC or heating and cooling and flip it off. If your thermostat is still on, find the battery backup and flip it off. You can change the temperature to know if your system is still on.

Remove the Faceplate

Once you make sure everything is off, proceed to remove the faceplate from your current thermostat. In most cases, the faceplate can disconnect when you pull it. However, you might need to use a fastener or a small screw to remove it. If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to check the manual for the specific instructions. You will see a series of wires connected to your old thermostat once you remove the faceplate. Don’t forget to label the wires or take photos to save time sorting them later.

Disconnect the Wires From the Thermostat

After taking a photo of the wires, it’s time to disconnect them from the backplate. The wire is connected to the backplate by screws or tabs in most cases. After removing the wires, use your small screw to remove your current thermostat from the wall. From there, you should inspect the wires for rust or damage. Call the professionals right away if they are badly frayed. You might want to repaint the wall underneath if your new smart thermostat is smaller than your old thermostat.

Install the New Backplate

Now, attach the new backplate to the old screw holes if possible. Otherwise, you will have to drill new holes using a small bit. Don’t forget to route the wires through the backplate before screwing it to the wall. Also, check the in-built level to make sure it’s well-aligned.

Attach the Wires to Your New Smart Thermostat

The good thing with most smart thermostats is that they are clearly labeled. So, make sure the wires are in good condition, and attach them to the corresponding tab. Take your time to ensure each wire is completely attached before installing the faceplate. If the wires don’t have labels, you can always refer to the photos you took earlier.

Mount Your New WI-FI Thermostat

Your new smart thermostat should snap right into the backplate after tucking the wires back into the wall. Remember to ensure that the faceplate is level and in the correct position.

Power Your System Back On and Configure Your Smart Thermostat

Finally, restore power to your heating and cooling system to boot your smart thermostat up. From there, connect it to your secure WI-FI network, and follow the prompts to customize the heating and cooling setting for your Palm Desert home.

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