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    humidifiersHumidifiers in Palm Springs, CA help maintain a relative humidity balance to homes. Air that’s too dry makes you highly susceptible to cold infections and increased asthma symptoms. It also negatively affects your mood. Using the best humidifier helps you easily attain healthier and more comfortable indoor air quality that benefits your family and your HVAC unit.

    Quality Humidifiers in Palm Springs

    Your Palm Springs house requires a specific humidity level to keep the air within your living space healthy and comfortable. The relative humidity in your home should hover around 40% to 50%. When there are low humidity levels, you will notice more damage to your furnishings and cracks on your furniture. You will also notice the humidity triggers the paint on your walls to peel. Moreover, your AC will feel colder, prompting your system to overwork or short cycle, which increases your energy bills and the risk for repairs.

    Usually, a technician attaches a humidifier to your home heating system. Humidifiers have some sort of basin or reservoir at the bottom of each appliance. When the humidity levels are below the acceptable range, these devices pull moisture from the reservoir and transfer it into the air within your home. A humidifier has a steam jet or fan that dispenses the moisture to ensure your house maintains the proper humidity levels. Modern devices have ultraviolet light that shines on the moisture through the humidifier to kill bacteria.

    Here are five reasons why you need a humidifier in your Palm Springs home:
    • Keeps your indoor plants healthy
    • Alleviates throat, skin, and nose irritation
    • Protects wallpaper, wood floors, and interior paints
    • Promotes a more comfortable sleep
    • Minimizes the chances of static shock
    Aprilaire Steam Humidifier
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    The Best Humidifier Professionals

    Don’t let dry air in your Palm Springs house keep you from attaining the desired comfort levels at your home. Instead, get in touch with Breeze Air Conditioning to help you add a humidifier to your property. We have been in business for 40 years now and have become the most preferred company in Palm Springs and the surrounding areas for our services.

    Our award-winning team knows that breathing easier doesn’t only mean having the right temperatures. It’s about the proper humidity levels, too. Therefore, our NATE-certified heating and cooling professionals can schedule a humidity evaluation test for your home and can help you choose the best humidifier that suits your needs. We carry high-performance and durable devices from top brands, including Autoflo, Honeywell, and Aprilaire. Our technicians can also show you how these brands work because we are committed to ensuring you have the highest comfort levels in your home.

    Contact Breeze Air Conditioning today for the best humidifier in Palm Springs.