February 14, 2023

How California’s Net Zero Goal for 2045 Affects HVAC Systems

California has become one of the nation’s pioneering states when it comes to environmental awareness. In an effort to help the environment and to reduce the dependency on limited natural resources, the state has set a net-zero carbon goal for 2045. This is the most ambitious climate goal that any government has set so far. While California is just one state in the U.S., it represents one of the largest economies in the world, so this decision will have far-reaching impacts. Residents of California may be wondering how this goal and the accompanying legislation will affect their day-to-day activities and personal HVAC systems. It’ll likely result in the installation of many more heat pumps and the reliance on sustainable sources of electrical power rather than the consumption of natural gas or coal. Why Are Heat Pumps More Ideal? In this move to create a net-zero community, California will be encouraging the use of heat pumps. In fact, state residents might already be able to enjoy rebates or tax credits when they have new heat pumps installed. The reason why heat pumps are going to be more common in the future is that they’re more efficient than traditional heaters. Instead of...

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