What Questions Should You Ask After Heating Repair Services?

Heating Repair in Palm Desert, CA

For the average homeowner, having something go wrong with your furnace can be a baffling situation. What caused the problem? How can I prevent it from happening again? Does the issue impact my furnace’s lifespan? Chances are, you have all of these questions and more swirling around in your head. That’s why the technicians from Breeze Air Conditioning put together a list of questions you can ask to help you understand the furnace repair process.

As a company that provides top-notch furnace repairs to Palm Desert homeowners, we’ve encountered almost every furnace issue under the sun, from the simple to the complex. By getting to know what caused the problem, how it was fixed, and how to prevent it from happening again, you can feel more confident in the furnace repair process.

What Caused the Problem?

Understanding what went wrong with your furnace can help you prevent the issue in the future. For example, if the problem was caused by a clogged furnace filter, you’ll know to change it more regularly going forward. The answer to this question will also help you understand the bigger picture of your furnace’s overall health. If the issue was due to age or wear-and-tear, you’ll be able to factor this into your furnace replacement plans. And if the problem originated with a lack of maintenance, your technician can set you up with an annual maintenance plan.

Where Did the Issue Originate?

Your heating system is made up of many different parts, from the unit itself to the ductwork and thermostat. The system also relies on complex electrical wiring and mechanical components. It’s important to understand exactly where in the system the problem originated. This question can help you understand the scope of the issue. A burnt-out pilot light is going to be a much simpler – and budget-friendlier – fix than a cracked heat exchanger. Likewise, it’s much easier to replace thermostat batteries than re-wire the electrical connection between the thermostat and furnace. Asking your technician for a visual walkthrough of the issue and repairs can be both helpful and educational.

Is the Fix Long-Term or Short-Term?

While many repair solutions are permanent, some are only temporary “band-aids” to keep your furnace going until you can have it replaced. Understanding how much life your furnace has left is helpful when it comes to planning the future replacement. Installing a new furnace can be pricey, but compared to paying for increasingly frequent repairs, it’s without a doubt the better investment. However, you still don’t want to be caught off guard with a dead furnace. By discussing how long the current repair solution will last, your technician can help you determine when you should plan to replace your current furnace with a more dependable unit.

What Should I Do Next?

Depending on the nature of the problem, you may need to incorporate some new furnace maintenance steps into your routine. Changing the air filter, cleaning the ductwork, and replacing the thermostat batteries are just a few maintenance steps you can do at home. Freshening up the air filter every three to six months is especially important to furnace health since a clogged filter can actually cause your furnace to work harder and break down quicker.

When Should the Heater Be Serviced Again?

Some repair situations may require our technician to come back and check on the system, while others are relatively permanent solutions. You can ask the technician if any follow-up service is necessary. This is often the case if the initial repair is a temporary stopgap while we wait for a specialized component to arrive.

Does My Furnace Require Maintenance?

Following repairs, we recommend inquiring about routine furnace maintenance procedures, such as a heating maintenance plan. Depending in the situation, you may want to plan another visit for maintenance halfway through the season and again at the end of the winter season. This may sound like overkill, but professional maintenance may be required more frequently to keep an older heating system running as long as possible.

Heating Repair Experts in Palm Desert

Armed with the information in this article, you’re ready to tackle your furnace repair appointment with confidence and peace of mind. Asking your furnace technician the right questions will provide you with valuable insight into the health of your furnace. In fact, you may even learn how to extend your furnace’s lifespan through routine maintenance steps you can complete at home!

At Breeze Air Conditioning, our furnace experts are happy to answer any questions you have about your heating system. In the 40 years we’ve been in business, we’ve handled furnace repairs for countless homeowners in Palm Desert. Our NATE-certified technicians have a reputation for being professional, experienced, and dependable. We are a full-service heating and air company, which means we offer repairs, maintenance, installations, and replacements for both furnaces and air conditioners.

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